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Kevin Jones

Have you come across Stephen Barr's review of Dawkins?

"Even without his bigotry, we could not expect balanced judgment or logical consistency from Dawkins, because he is a man in a muddle. One encounters in A Devil’s Chaplain at least three Dawkinses: there is Dawkins the Humanist, Dawkins the Reasoner, and Dawkins the Darwinist. Each sits on a different branch, sawing away at the branches on which the others sit."


Well, I bravely watched it while eating my tea. It was pretty poor stuff. On this subject the chap apparently can't make a coherent argument. It was rather like a poor first-year undergraduate essay.

I just hope that the liberal atheists who usually cheer for him will have noticed that he can't think straight!


Boeciana, only trouble is, they can't think straight either, if this is any indication:

Albertus Minimus

Thanks for the link, Kevin. It's a pretty thorough demolition job. Of course, as Chad's link demonstrates, those who have ears to hear will hear, those who don't, won't.


He's a chilling character as well as a crashing bore: read this.

Deicide in north Oxford
Jonathan Luxmoore and Jolanta Babiuch


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