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That's a heavy burden to try to carry by yourself, friend. I'm sure you'll seek the Lord's strengthand the intercession of the Blessed Mother and all the saints.

We'll be praying for you, your family, and for Matthew.


You can count on my prayers as well.


My prayers are with you and your family and especially for Matthew.

God bless


Albertus, I was so very sorry to read of all this and I hope all works out. Paulinus Minor Major was very poorly at 3 months and I remember well the spiritual paralysis his illness brought on. If you can't pray, I'm sure all who visit here will do the praying for you. I certainly will.

Please email if you need a virtual shoulder. Whether you do or don't, you will have my prayers.

Albertus Minimus

Thank you all for your comments, kindness and prayers. I really do appreciate them. Paulinus, it's particularly encouraging to know that you and your wife, in similar circumstances, felt spiritually paralysed too. It's strange, but it seems like when me and my wife most had need of God's mercy and blessing, that was the time we were least able to ask for it.

Bekah S.

He knows our hearts, He knows our thoughts. I don't doubt for a minute that we necessarily need to voice these for God to hear and answer. We are told the Holy Spirit interprets anyway. I also believe your guardian angels are all petitioning on your behalf as well. Let God hold you in His hands while the rest of us lift you up for you! I don't believe there is a worse feeling in the world than a parent fearing for the life and health of his child. While we've never faced anything extraordinarily serious with ours, our daughter (child #2) spent three days in the hospital at 6 weeks of age, due to some infection that got the best of her. She was so dehydrated when we took her in to the ER that they couldn't get a vein open enough to draw enough blood to diagnose the infection. They ended up putting the IV line through the bone of her knee, after atempting several different placements, and in the end they administered IV antibiotics hoping it was bacterial (which it was). It's such a helpless and frightening experience.

I'll add my prayers to the many I know are being offered, for the health of your son, and for the spiritual and emotional support of your entire family.


I just went through a bit of a breast cancer scare (it wasn't, thank God), and it was harder on my mother than me. As you probably understand.

I will pray for your son, also for you parents. (And your other kids.)



You're not alone. Our little one Heidi was diagnosed at 20wks with CCAM. We have yet to hear about surgery, but its on the cards.

One hospital set the date for around her 1st birthday, now a second has told us to prepare for surgery around her second. She seems fine but we know that she's got to have the op to prevent any future problems.

Its a hard burden to carry, especially when you look into her beaming happy face and know that she has to go through what is a major procedure.

Albertus Minimus

Chris, thank you very much for leaving your comment. I've read your blog and I see that your experiences with doctors have been very similar to our own. We would very much appreciate it if you could email us: the address is

Thank you.


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