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Ah ha! We are not alone. Mrs Paulinus and I encourage a degree of controlled Rat Play (known in the family as "Rats" or "Rough-and-tumble") as conducive to the venting of small-boy frustrations and as a tool for bonding.

See here: and here:

Bekah S.

Oh boy can I relate, as the mother of four strapping lads. Only one little girl in the mix, but she gets into it, too. Wrestling Daddy is a favorite game. But, the funniest thing is watching Simon (2 next week-20ish punds) tackle Oliver (4 next month-40ish pounds). Ollie seems to be the one most likely to get seriously hurt, despite his size. He's had two sets of stitches in the past year. Just a couple weeks ago we had to take their cousin to the emergency room, and he was sure we were going to get him stitches.

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