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Oh my, I don't know what to say. My daughter is 14 and I just can't bear to think of watching my darling baby being taken from me in such a cruel way. (or in any way, actually)

Praying for this dear child.

Lord, hear our prayer. But not my will but Thine be done.

God grant the family the grace required to live with this situation and to endure the painful times ahead.



It may be that my constant, occupational exposure to death has made me blase, but death happens to the young for seemingly trivial reasons - a fall from a tree, a viral infection that would normally cause a stomach upset, an adverse reaction to a peanut, a sweet down a bronchus.

Yes, death by wart. The same signs and wonders we see in the intelligence and brightness of consciousness of our children - because part of that sits in the brainstem - is precisely the reason this boy is dying. A tiny tumour or lesion in the wrong place, such a vital place where the whole of the brain's nervous traffic will pass through will be life-threatening.

This boy does not deserve to die, but from what you say it is likely that he will. We can pray that against all hope it will not happen, but if it does that his family will be able to let go in love. No-one who has not had a child in a life-threatening situation can really understand what must be going through their heads.

I for one will keep them in my prayers.

Bekah S.

Oh, praying for the comfort of this family! My elementary school principal lost a child in similar fashion. I believe his tumor was somewhere on the spinal cord/column. It always seems so wrong to lose a child.

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Justin Mills

Good lord. I'm terribly sorry for anybody who had to witness this and can't imagine having to deal with anything this painful. I pray the day never comes.

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You would think that anyone who had this experience as a medical professional would be able to know the difference between affecting and effecting, vary and very.

If this was really posted by a professional involved in this case, that's pretty pathetic. How many years does one need to attend college to be involved in this profession these days? Apparently this one never made it past the tenth grade.

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