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Will you a provide a link for the website when it's up and running?

I maintain/update etc our sites, but they really don't take that much time once the basic content is there.

God Bless


Thanks for the interest, brothers and sisters - the URL is below:


By the way I may live in Scotland, but I'm an Englishman in exile. "Irish blood, English heart" as the song has it...


I moved, yet again... was down too much, so I splurged and got my own site (see link with my name below).

Glad to hear all is getting (relatively) back to normal, Al...

Bekah S.

I'm glad you found my new place! I'm really glad to hear that your son is still doing well. Still praying for you. Have fun with your webdesigning activities.


'Even if it's yet another Scottish one'?! And? And?!

Anyway. Very glad that Minimus minor is out of the soup. Still praying for the clan Minimus, of course! And the other lad. Kyrie eleison.


Hope all is still going well. God's blessings upon Minimus minor and the rest of the Minimi.


Glad the little one is feeling better. I think it's great that you are making a website for your parish. I sometimes cannot write for months and end up writing only babble.


Nice blog!

God bless


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