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A very nice job you've done too.


Welcome back! You came to mind just the other day, and I sent up a prayer on your behalf. Been wondering how your little guy has been doing after his surgery.

The site looks very nice! Very extensive.


Welcome back! Nice job on the webpage.


Thanks very much for the kind comments. Bekah, Minimus Minor is doing very well. Although a scan showed that not all the cysts have been removed from his lung, he's showing no signs of ill effects from them at the moment. It needs to be monitored, but things are looking good.


Hey, welcome back, Albertus. Good to see you writing again. And yes, nice job on the parish site.


link is down :-(


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Welcome back!!!! Sounds like things have been buisy but good. :-)

St. Conleth's

We would be very glad if you could include our blog in your links/blogroll/rolling bloglist:

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Debt Cancellation Taxes

Nice post...not sure if I had considered this previously.

IRS Compromise

Shows that things aren't always what they seem. Good job!

Debt Forgiveness Credit Card

Seems it's worked out for everyone.

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Hi, it is a credit to you giving back to the community, we too are active in our local parish, providing community care and looking after others, less well off.



always love God

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